Management consulting

CLM Global places operating partners within a management structure or can assume management of a company or project, helping existing organizations increase management effectiveness, transparency, and investor relations. 

​Advantages to direct management involvement include:

  • ​Leading by example - Our managers work within an organization to enact change and develop strategies.
  • ​Immediate transparency - Our managers maintain direct lines of communication to shareholders and ensure information flows in real time.
  • ​Deeper pools of knowledge - Managers and operating partners placed within an organization bring not only their own experience to the table, but the experience of all CLM Global team members.  This means that the organization benefits from a deep body of knowledge and experience.

CLM Global provides strategy advice to clients standing at complex decision points.  Whether facing the decision to acquire or sell a business, make a capital investment, take on a new project, or reorganize the capital or corporate structure, CLM Global helps clients make good decisions. 

​Tools used to assist clients in the decision making process include:

  • ​Data analytics - Statistical models and scenario based analysis help forecast possible outcomes.
  • ​Cultural and Regulatory expertise - Our team has operated in environments across the globe, allowing us to understand different regulatory and cultural environments.
  • ​Past Experience - Our team possesses a diverse set of experience and backgrounds, helping to develop strategies based on tacit knowledge and real-world understanding.

strategy advice

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management service

CLM Global's management consulting practice brings a full array of expertise to bear with former Special Operations leaders and business experts.  Clients  learn leadership techniques applied in Special Forces units and in successful boardrooms that will help them to equip their teams and steer them to success.

​CLM Global's management strategies emphasize:

  • ​Instilling intrinsic motivation through empowerment.
  • ​Building an efficient chain of command where trust and accountability are the keys to success.
  • ​Fostering mutual respect between management and employees so that the organization acts together to achieve a common goal.
  • ​Removing the fear of failure from the corporate culture.